Narrative and Technology

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Professor Jamie Skye Bianco

EngLit 0399W; Seminar 20952
Spring 2011, University of Pittsburgh
Tuesdays, 6-8:30PM, G26 Cathedral of Learning
Office: 501M CL || Dept/Mailbox: 526 CL
Office Hours: posted and by appointment
Email: jsb [at] pitt
Twitter: @jamieskyebianco [for this course only] || @spikenlilli [general feed]
TAs: Claudia Shrivastava [@900_0001] || Sarah Vinski [@sarahvinski]

Narrative and technology

From the Catalog:

This course examines the relationship between traditional literary forms and contemporary media such as hypertext, web logs, fan fiction, videogames, comics, and interactive fiction.


From Prof. Jamie Skye Bianco:

In particular we will play, read, interact with and create storytelling that is “born digital”: hypertext, interactive fiction, games, networked fiction, electronic literature (ELit), podcasts, digital video, flashworks, intermedia, and multimodal essays.

This is a W course, which means a writing intensive course. And for us, the understanding of what constitutes writing will be conceived of as expression and communication across a variety of media and practices. In this writing intensive course, we will learn and practice creative critical digital writing.