Jamie Skye Bianco


Jamie Skye Bianco

clinical Assistant Professor

media, culture, and communication

new york university

239 Greene St., 8th floor (mail)

#721 (office)

NYC, NY 10003

Recent Work in the World

"#bottlesNbones: tales of oceanic remains" in Oceanic New york (punctum books)-- photoessay-composition speculating on toxic and proximate waters, edited by Steve mentz


"queer creative critical compositionism" in a special issue of postmedieval documenting the proceedings of the Critical liberal arts symposium -- multimodal essay/theory -- coming soon

"Queer and Feminist Notes on Practices in the Digital Humanities and Object Orientations Everywhere" (click here for direct link to published version in digital humanities quarterly)


"#dogwalking in cemetery woods"-- multimodal theory-composition speculating on the living, the dead, objects and object orientations-- direct to video here

"Queer Urban Composites: Any City or ‘Bellona (After Samuel R. Delany)'"


-- ADa: a journal of gender, new media & technology (ed. alexis lothian) -- open access here

"This digital humanities that is not one"-- debates in the digital humanities (ed. matthew k. gold) -- open access here

“Writing the Urban Composite: Ann Lislegaard’s ‘Bellona (After Samuel R. Delany),’ New Media Art and Delany’s Shifting Spaces and Temporal Aesthetics” - the annals of scholarship

"#inhabitation"-- multimodal composition documenting the foreclosure crisis-- available at CCC online here

"designed_affections" (on creative critical compositionist method) -- for fembot, feminist media collective, Laundry day

Lateral: a journal of the cultural studies Association launches first issue (design editor). SEcond issue launched May 2013! third issue launched may 2014!

"affecteyes" local artist's talk & viewing, carnegie museum of art, carnegie international apartment talk & carnegie international 2013 exhibition catalogue

"the dh [digital humanities] interviews project" on middle-states (process & project) publishing, led by Alex reid at SUNY buffalo.

Showings Up

november 14, 2015:

2 presentations/algorhythmic plays:

algorythmic agricultures (with Nicole starosielski)

matters of mouth or excessive life

slsa, rice university

march 24, 2015:


in the digital everyday: making meaning... means... making

invited plenary, appalachian state university

october 29, 2014:


the deep end : On [Digital and Computational Compositional] Method or Literacy in the 21st Century

invited symposium, william paterson university, "digital u: the university in the internet age

october 16-18, 2014:

algorythmic installation/media performance/presentation:

#clusterMucks of #trashNtoxicity : a nonhuman ecological water weirding in two acts

babel bienniel conference, UC santa barbara, ca

october 12, 2014:

algorythmic media performance/presentation:

#clusterMucks: the aquatic anthropocene

slsa, dallas, tx

may 29-31, 2014:

conference co-organizer/presenter

cultural studies association: Ecologies

university of utah, salt lake city, UT

April 12, 2014:

media performance/presentation:

#saltNsea : just another postnatural clustermuck and paradise

Anthropocene feminisms, center for 21st century studies, university of wisconsin, milwaukee

March 9, 2014:

media performance/presentation:

“#bottlesNbones: the Intimate and the Alien in the Clustermucks of #trashNtoxicity” 


october 4, 2013:


"how we think" - a roundtable celebration of N. katherine hayles
slsa, notre dame, south bend, IN

october 3, 2013:

media intervention/performance/presentation:
"#bottlesNbones: the intimate and the alien"

object-oriented feminisms: queerly done

slsa, notre dame, south bend, IN

september 28, 2013:


"a rogue frequency" - the launch of punctum records & Marina zurkow's petroleum manga-- including readings from a few of us your wrote about Marina's fantastic petrochemical explorations.

september 27, 2013:

invited speaker/performance:

"Critical/liberal/arts," one-day symposium 'whose main aim is to seek revitalized critical practices and modes of creation, and discuss how we might defend spaces inside or outside of the corporate university to critique, make, muse, map, play, agitate, cooperate.' Sponsored by Babel working group and the graduate center, cuny

september 26, 2013:

oceanic new york, a roundtable:
Geoffrey Yeh Art Gallery,, st. john's university, queens, 6-8pm

may 23-25, 2013:

media intervention/performance/presentation:
"hurricanes remain & disaster capitalism remainders" with Joy v. fuqua


media interventions division (chair): presenting hackers, makers & interventionists showing, talking, teaching and collaborating.

cultural studies association conference, columbia college, chicago

february 16, 2013:

"tracing latour's public: waste, wasted publics, bottlesNbones"
networked humanities, University of kentucky, lexington

february 15, 2013:

"#somethings: an experiment in queer, feminist, collaborative practice" with Rebekah Sheldon
feminist materialisms, CUNY graduate Center

January 3, 2013:

"beyond the pdf: experiments in open-access scholarly publishing" - Lateral: a journal of the cultural studies association, making knowledge
mla, boston

SEptember 29, 2012:

"tooling affections from allure: digital video, close ups & affectEyes"
slsa, University of wisconsin, Milwaukee

june 11, 2012:

"Practice: teaching and mentoring in a public knowledge culture"
dean's symposium on excellence in teaching and mentoring, university of pittsburgh

may 25, 2012:

speaking, performing & showing:
"dogwalking in cemetery woods: rhetorics of material remains"

rhetorical society of america (RSA)
loew's hotel, philadelphia, pa

may 18, 2012:

speaking, performing & showing:
"Making-as-Thinking: An Algorhythmic Symphony of Creative-Critical Practice"
computers & writing (architexture) conference
University of north carolina

may 5, 2012:

speaking, performing & showing:
"Tooling Affections from Allure: an Algorythmic #inhabitation of Foreclosed Remains"

the non-human turn conference
Center for 21st Century Studies, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

april 28, 2012:

speaking, performing & showing:
"#inhabitATION: documenting the remains of abandoned and foreclosed living"

gender, bodies, technologies conference

VA tech, roanoke, va

april 19, 2012:

speaking, performing & showing:
"creative critical compositing: designing affect for #inhabitATION"


april 6, 2012:

symposium & book launch:
debates in the digital humanities

speakers: matthew k. gold, doug armato, liz losh, stephen ramsay, jentery sayers, and jamie skye bianco
digital media at pitt

march 29-30, 2012:

speaking & showing + journal debut:
"Creative Critique: Making Serious Digital Media"

and debut of
lateral: a journal of the cultural studies association [design editor]
cultural studies association conference, ucsd, san diego, ca

march 22, 2012:

speaking & showing:
"composing, coding, collaborating"

Conference on college composition and communication, St. louis, mo

march 13, 2012:

speaking & showing:
"machining affect: seeing more than eyes can see"
apartment talk, new work for the Carnegie International and the Carnegie Museum of Art
contact me for info


(aka spikenlilli)


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algorhythmic agricultures (slSa 2015)

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#clusterMucks: a nonhuman ecological water weirding in two acts (babel 2014)

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full installation coming soon!

experimental | multimodal | feminist | queer | sound essay

lucidEyeCongood day

series aimed at nonhuman affective capture & design

gates of inhabitation

documenting the remains of foreclosed and abandoned living

just published in CCC online inaugural issue!

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produced for Kevin MacDonald & Ridley scott's

"life in a Day" (sundance 2011)

DIY DigiComp

collaborative video made with spring 2011 digiComp students for the

Conference on college composition & communication

minimal pedagogy | maximal DIY

collaborative video made with fall 2010 digiComp students for the
DIY Citizenship: Critical Making and Social Media Conference

issue 3 is out now!


(Flash redux, episodes 1-5):
one element in the
inventory of the #inhabitation project

produced for global crowdsource video project:
one day on earth

October 10, 2010
bushwick, brooklyn & manhattan, NY


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