Prof. Jamie Skye Bianco
Freshman Seminar: Writing Digital Media
FP 0003 || Class #11975
Office Location: 501M CL
Skype: spikenlilli
Twitter: profJSBianco
Office Hours: posted here
Tutorial Hours: posted here
General Student Information

This course will examine digital cultures and practice making different kinds of digital media, including websites, blogs, podcasts, videos, and interactive narratives. We'll pay special attention to collaborative modes of participation, making, playing, and learning.

In addition we'll be thinking about current issues in digital culture such as: social media, copyright/copyleft, hacking, security, digital learning, including the DIY: do-it-yourself movement and edupunk, digital storytelling and serious games.

We will use the city of Pittsburgh as our laboratory and learning "playground." So you can expect to explore and digitally document the City.

Trying to figure out what the "digital" part of this class might be like? Watch the student DIY video below! Or check out this student-made digital writing project.

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